Neat & Tidy Gardens at Last!

Getting your garden to look lovely is not always easy, especially when you have to content with weeds and other nasties growing in your lawn. With the amazing new ranges of artificial grass on the market, there is no need to plod around with your lawnmower or get the rake out! Artificial grass offers an eco friendly, pet and child friendly solution to your garden problems, looking fantastic in the process!

Attractive Additions

If you want to increase light into a room, why not look at adding a roof lantern to it? roof lanterns UK are a great way to increase light, increase a sense of space and add an attractive look to your room. Made to different sizes and shapes, roof lanterns can be highly customised to suit your home. With lots of different styles and looks to choose from, a roof lantern or skylight could be the answer you are looking for your home.

New Efficient Interior Renovation & Construction

home renovation

There are so many elements to refurbishing and renovation of a family home.  New modern  materials for interior construction are constantly coming to the market and it can be quite bewildering to the novice house owner.  I’m always fascinated by the projects put forward on the lifestyle programmes that feature houses either bought at auction – mostly in an appalling […]

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Warmth, Comfort, Style & Safety Are Design Criteria

design renovation

The way our homes are constructed has changed dramatically over the years – in fact the earliest of mankind huddled together in caves and under trees.  No one would have thought back then, thousands of years, that they’d ever be living in such comfort as we do now.  The differences in the last century have also been been pretty dramatic […]

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Gutter Damage Early On To Stop The Rot

kitchen design ideas

I have been looking at my house lately – not that I’m completely unfamiliar with it of course.  But after nearly twenty years, it’s beginning to show a little justified aging.  I’ve not actually considered the design concept of the lovely comfortable family exec home.  It still looks very nice, airy & attractive.  My wonderment and anxiety concerns the actual […]

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