Neat & Tidy Gardens at Last!

Getting your garden to look lovely is not always easy, especially when you have to content with weeds and other nasties growing in your lawn. With the amazing new ranges of artificial grass on the market, there is no need to plod around with your lawnmower or get the rake out! Artificial grass offers an eco friendly, pet and child friendly solution to your garden problems, looking fantastic in the process!

Making Your Home Secure

Home security is vital these days, and there are lots of ways to increase the security for your home. These home security cameras are effective and subtle. Having recorded images when there is a break in or attempted access to your home can help to get justice for the perpertrators as well as provide valuable evidence should you require it.

Gutter Damage Early On To Stop The Rot

kitchen design ideas

I have been looking at my house lately – not that I’m completely unfamiliar with it of course.  But after nearly twenty years, it’s beginning to show a little justified aging.  I’ve not actually considered the design concept of the lovely comfortable family exec home.  It still looks very nice, airy & attractive.  My wonderment and anxiety concerns the actual […]

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Property Selling & Buying Differs Greatly Abroad

home renovation

Knowing your property market is not something you can pick up just like that.  The experienced estate agent, will have to sell many a house before they get the knowledge needed to appreciate the buying trends that affect their job.   What I find most facinating about the north american system is the short time allowance for selling and moving in […]

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Cottage Designs Not Quite Planned For

home renovation

The construction of houses is such a high tech industry these days.  When you think back to all those old cottages from chocolate box covers and historic towns, there can’t have been a great deal of planning involved.  It is incredible how old some of our country’s prettiest country buildings really are.  Thinkng of the thatched cottages we fondly remember […]

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Canadian House Development In High Stakes

home improvements decor

I was watching a programme online about construction and home development in Canada the other week.  They have a completely different lifestyle over there and amazing to think that their entire population is only just over half of Great Britain’s.  There can’t be a feeling overcrowding there, for sure.  I am interested in the country having watched quite a few […]

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