Amazing Interior Construction Renovations

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There are a great number of lifestyle programmes on tv currently – a lot of new ones were imported from the US and Canada during the recent pandemic lockdowns.  It’s fascinating watching how the n.american renovations take place – their homes look to be much flimsier builds to start with – they look more plasterboard and flatpack.   This was apparent when watching two well known brothers who do ‘renos’ – in fact they trade on families who have spent months trying and failing to sell their houses.  The brothers come in, tell them how much they could eventually get for their place – if they let the brother spend $$$ to bring up to standard.  It never fails to amaze me that if the family had that amount of money spare in the first place, why did they not get theirs resesigned with interior construction work carried out and full renovation for their own satisfaction and family comfort.     Many of the finished examples have been epic!