Another Year Races Past – Time To Reflect

house buying

Wow that year went quickly – no sooner had I been babbling happily about the Christmas parties and unfortunate mishaps that came with them, than we hit Easter and then the summer holidays.  It does seem as though this last 12 months has gone racing past much faster than any previous set of 12 – although it could of course just be me getting older!  This year we have been watching with interest, all the changes in the local property developments.  Just a few short years ago, there was a great deal of unbuilt on land surrounding the towns near me.  No longer – there are ribbon developments springing up everywhere along the trunk routes.  The amazing thing is, however many houses go up and get sold, we are told that there are nowhere near enough to satisfy the growing market.  Ah well, another year to reflect on this conundrum and other weighy home shaped matters!