Appartment Life Saves Space For Other Homes

home renovation

There is definitely a thing about buying houses over here that  you don’t necessarily get overseas.  Particularly on the european continent.  I have just got back from a short trip and saw a couple of german cities – things ar exactly the same as a visit I made in the 1990s and I was so impressed with how clean and functional it all is.  Their pride in what their country means was powerful.  No stigma at all to living in apartment blocks – there are some stunningly attractive multi occupational blocks which make the whole business of buying our own home and taking up so much land space a bit silly.  There will eventually come a time when it will be decreed that we can’t build any more – but that will be the day when developers crash to the ground.  There is much commerce in house sales and exchanges – getting it right first time is critical or it becomes even more costly.