As Safe As Houses Is So Reassuring


Renovations on any age of house can only be undertaken by folk who have a good understanding of buildings and how their construction took place.  It’s absolutely no good taking a sledgehammer to a partition wall and hoping to make space – only to discover that yo’ve hacked your way through a supporting wall.  The devastation and damage to the building framework can sometimes be so serious that even professionals would struggle to rectify that sort of damage.   There may ot have been the same rules and regulations surrounding house and interior property costruction in days of old.  Our rather elaborate planning system is there for a very good reason.  Homes are to be comfortable and safe.  It is the one overriding factor in our very overbearing nanny state that folk moan about, but by the same token they moan like heck if the authorities turn a blind eye to the dodgy building practices that have blighted so many mediterranean and asian countries over the eades – hurricanes and tornadoes wreaking havoc come to mind.