Canadian House Development In High Stakes

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I was watching a programme online about construction and home development in Canada the other week.  They have a completely different lifestyle over there and amazing to think that their entire population is only just over half of Great Britain’s.  There can’t be a feeling overcrowding there, for sure.  I am interested in the country having watched quite a few tv programmes in a serious about doing up scruffy untidy and ugly properties to make them very desirable and thus able to attract top dollar sales prices.  The owners call in twin brothers who are known for this refurb work.  Over there they have different conditions to selling and buying houses – your word is your bond and once you say you’re happy to buy a property, you shake on it and bobs your uncle as they say.  The values of properties seem much higher than here in the UK too.  They pay a million Canadaian dollars for what we would pay about £800K.