Checking Plans Meet Local Planning Regulations

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There is no doubt that to get on with one’s neighbours does make for a very much more harmonious lifestyle than when one does not.  There are endless stories of disputes and neighbourly rows every day in the papers.  Things often get so bad that one or both end up taking a case to court.  This is generally because of planning issues – maybe a neighbour has built an extension of some kind on to their side and you feel that it exceeds current building allowances as laid down.  Things did change a few years ago so that houses could be extended within reason to a certain limit outside their current footprint.  The exact size has to be carefully measured – its not something you can simply guess at, licking a finger and pinting it in the air.  Building regulations are with us for a very good reason.  It is to stop reckless and shoddy building works from littering our towns and villages and makes for much safer and attractive living spaces.  checking with the local council planning department is the first step you or your project team should do.