Comparing New World Gut & Rebuild Methods

home renovation

I’ve just spent a wonderful few weeks in the States with family.  I did a great deal of getting myself to various museums and galleries with the help of a certain taxi company and when I wasn’t engaged in such culterally pleasing pursuits, I lazed around in my flat watching some of the endless round of home and property based programmes.  It is absolutely fascinating watching the ripping out and rebuilding phases of some truly awesome projects.   The episodes were much more current than those we have on our leisure channel here.  The replacement cabinets and back splashes and counter tops look pretty similar all over but the sheer size of the ‘white goods’ seems to have trebled in a few short years.  You need a room the size of my downstairs sitting room to accommodate the laundry goods alone! Their construction methods are otally different too – making for much quicker ripping out and no sentimentality whatsoever!