Construction With Energy Efficiency In Mind

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Many new houses these days are built with solar panel systems installed on the roof.  This is especially the case with major developments of more affordable housing.  It make perfect sense to install the most up to date systems at the outset – this is always going to be less expensive than going back later to do so.  Any new home is going to be more energy efficient than an older one, this is because new more efficient materials are constantly being developed – not fast enough for some.  Climate change requires us to really get to grips with saving power.  If we can help in any way with the better efficiency of our every day homes, this is one free way and a good start.  I say ‘free’ but if a system is built and paid for as part of the house and not just an extra option, families will start reaping the benefit immediately and will be made to see how they should spread out the use of their big power items during the solar panel operating periods.