Cottage Designs Not Quite Planned For

home renovation

The construction of houses is such a high tech industry these days.  When you think back to all those old cottages from chocolate box covers and historic towns, there can’t have been a great deal of planning involved.  It is incredible how old some of our country’s prettiest country buildings really are.  Thinkng of the thatched cottages we fondly remember from holidays, when we do get a chance to look round, we only see the limed walls and several beams – reomantic as these are, they don’t give any explanation as to how the property has stood up so long.  The beams must have been erected by many hands.  Then there would be rows of hand made ‘bricks’ of mud and animal waste.  There are still wattle and daub cottages dotted around the country, but they are indeed rare.  Demolished in favour of newer modern facilties.  Shame!