Enhanced Loft Insulation – A Free Bonus Item

home insulation

Our house is getting towards the 20 year old mark.  We moved in as it was built – oh the excitement of waiting for the developers to complete!  Everything was brand new of course and as safe and modern as it needed to be at that time.  Since then we’ve not felt the need to change a great deal apart from the bathrooms and ensuite.  Coming into some money, those were the areas we felt the developers had not made the greatest effort so lovely shiny efficient showers and loos were installed with cabinet surrounds to keep the rooms tidy.  The other improvement was taking a free offer from the local council in the form of much enhanced loft insulation.  It being a large detached, there was a large cold space.  The technicians put in the very thick fire proof wadding over the basic minimal covering by the developers.  The bills have since been dramatically reduced.