Ensuring Material Availability Before Quoting

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We are currently going through the most challenging of times in every aspect of life.  This is not limited to trading and keeping companies going but affects every part of the globe.  So companies that can stay in business need to do their utmost to fulfill their quoted obligations.  Where they have started a project, there has to be some means of completing it by hook or by crook.  I’m thinking here of a couple known to me who agreed to h ave their new sun room constructed as the contractor works outside and alone.  Unfortunately although he’s able to do the work because there’s no illness keeping him self isolating either his end or the customer’s, the project is left half built becaue he cannot get the remainder of the materials.  This leads one to ask why did he not secure them all before he started.   So every effort must be made in straightened times to ensure materials can be in place before quoting a price for building anything – even a garden shed!