Ex Pat Expertise In Chateaux Rebuilds

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I was watching one of those day time lifestyle programmes that involved couples who have taken the plunge and bought into the property renovation market.  there is one particularly fascinating show based on France – ex pats are apparently queueing up to buy old chateaux dotted around the least likely venues over there.   We only see the fairly successful ones on tv.  There must be hundreds of thousands who fancy the ‘year in Provence’ experience – but without the heartache and mind boggling complexity of the local byelaws.  There is one couple who have expertly negotiated their way to stardom with their own whacky and unique chateau.   They are now tv stars in their own rights, working on other people’s dream homes;  it is absolutely amazing how helpful folk are to each other when they’re in another country and they feel this bit of old blighty breaking out!  The locals find them all absolutely batty but eventually come round to liking them.  In a very distant and detached way of course.