First Time Buyer Must Haves Rapidly Diminish

oak furniture

When we first leave home – usually the house our parent have brought us up in, it can be a wrench and causes us, and them, temporary anxiety and permanent money issues!  To ensure we get the best for our money, we should really sit and carefully evaluate our actual needs.  This is so much easier to say when sat quietly in my kitchen, many a year since I plunged into the property market with my equally nervous and novice partner.  We did have a list of ‘must haves’, but at that time, mortgages were much more difficult to come by and took ages to be arranged – so inevitably that list went by the wayside once the search for our bricks and mortar had commenced.  It boiled down to what we could get a mortgage on.  It turned out to be a cold, draughty, victorian mid terrace but it served us well for 3 years until we could afford to move up the scale.