First Time Buyer Schemes Help More On To The Property Ladder

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So much of today’s business world is taken up with property issues and how to make money on property.  Although there has been a major dip over the last few years, the market is indeed perking up now and there are more buyers out there than properties to put their hard earned buck into.  Sometimes buyers are able to tap into the various government sponsored schemes for first time purchasers.  This allows more people a leg up and instead of relying on dear old mum and dad, they are loaned 20 percent of the purchase price to be used towards the deposit.

This assumes of course that there are properties to be bought out there – but with changes to governmentn policy of late, more brown field sites are being regenerated into lovely new homes that offer affordability, durability and energy efficiencies – there are benefits coming through that were never available only a matter of years ago.