Flood Plain Or Hurrican Belt – Builder’s Nightmare


I was with relatives who live in the US these days.  They in fact live in the ore affluent section of a massive city which has always suffered desparately un the hurricane season.  There have been some truly terrifying ones of note in recent decades where most of the suburbs were simply wrecked and absolutely washed away.  We in the UK were so rarely affected by this sort of natural disaster, we could not imagine having to clear up and rebuild time after time.  This is the reason the American housig stock is so fragile, they do not put down deep foundations and they don’t use much for permanent structure.  It is so expesive to build our quality of house over there that they continue to build sufficient for general everyday comfort but only a few are protecting their future housing stock by building with hurricane resistance in mind.  It is certainly not easy but the original costs mut outweigh the anual clear up ad rebuild bill.