Gutter Damage Early On To Stop The Rot

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I have been looking at my house lately – not that I’m completely unfamiliar with it of course.  But after nearly twenty years, it’s beginning to show a little justified aging.  I’ve not actually considered the design concept of the lovely comfortable family exec home.  It still looks very nice, airy & attractive.  My wonderment and anxiety concerns the actual design particularly some of the remoter parts of the extensive guttering system.  It started when a loud shower of rain water starting gushing down the side wall onto thegarage roof from the gutter above and along from my ensuite.  It’s in a position that makes home repairs a little precarious – the garage roof it very sloped upwards. I can reach that ok, but because of the angle of the roof, getting another ‘step on’ ladder or other tile protecting device, to stay still and not slip down, with me on it, seems a bit out of my league.  So I’m contacting a contractor to replace the guttering in that corner.  The last thing I need right now is a damp problem developing through a mildly warm autumn and really festering forever onwards!