Helping A Relative Let Go Of The Strings

house buying

This family has recently been involved in clearing and preparing an Aunt’s bungalow for rental, following her entry into a residential home.  After the initial anxiety,  Aunty obviously felt suspicious of the collective family motives in removing her to this luxurious place of safety, things settled down and once the logic of the situation began to filter in to the aged brain, we were able to talk freely about how the bungalow needed care and attention to make sure it didn’t start deteriorating and how we were popping over to check it.

Eventually Aunty suddenly piped up that we might aswell sell the place as she wouldn’t be needing it anymore . . . . .   We haven’t done that but we did get a propergy market specialist in to give best advice on how to prepare it for sale or the rental market. There was remedial work to be done and other safety features put in place.