History Of House Buying & Domestic Role Reversal

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Once we have our career sorted, money coming in nicely, there are fewer things of more importance than buying the bricks and mortar in which to keep ourselves happy, warm and dry.  Then there’s the small matter of whether to marry our long term partner and joint house buddy and buyer.  Things are certainly done in a more unusual way nowadays – it used to be the norm to get the job.  Move from mum and dad’s into a first flat/shared house.  The next stage was marriage to the boy/girl friend.  Then with a bit of scrimping and scraping, buy the first flat or tiny terraced house.  Mortgages were difficult to get unless you could prove your job worthiness and only the chap’s salary/wage was considered.  The women were assumed to give up work to look after the babies. How different today, when the wife often earns more than her hubby – with or without children!