Hot Weather Solar Panels Paying The Way

solar panel

I was over in cyprus recently, well back in the early summer.  They have grasped one part of living on a hot mediterreanean isle quite well.  They have fields and fields of solar panels.   Although they look impressively green, it is true to say that they’re very likely to be second hand with old technology.  The rest of the cypriot utility system does leave much to be desired.  TTheir main power station was destroyed when an unsteady stack of old amunitions blew up.  They have not complied with certain EU rules and regulations so they’re now being penalised and a huge surcharge on the electricity supply is being levied to all households.  They have had such a shock.  So although we do seem rather a nany state in many ways, it is much safer to live here.  Construction, homes, renovations and the interior construction industry work to specific rules.  Major accidents are pretty rare and eventually lessons are learned.