How A Post Christmas Sorti To A Show Home Triggered House Buying Joy


A very happy memory from the very end of 2001 is of being urged to go out for a drive to shrug off the staleness of post Christmas festivities prior to New Year ones beginning.  As an absolute surprise, in fact a bolt out of the blue, the trip was to a new development show house and sales office.  The sales lady keenly handed the key over to the show house and we were encouraged to take as long as we wished and to enjoy looking in all the fitted cupboards and see the latest innovations of the time.  This visit ended with the placing of a holding deposit on a particularly spacious and beautifully positioned house that was at ‘first footings’.

The same joy is felt by hundreds of families a year who are eagerly moving up a grade or in fact, getting on the property market for the first time.  Frightening but exhilarating at the same time!