In Getting That First Mortgage – We Belong


I think when we grow up, if we’ve had a stable upbringing, say both parents around, a comfortable home and no violent neighbours or family disruptions, it can lead us to be a little complacant about what we want when we grow up.  It can be all to easy to assume we will be able to have a similar house with a garden and a family of our own.  In these uncertain times, neither is going to be handed on a plate.  Our financial obligations start from studenhood.  That student loan for getting a degree is the first wake up call that adult hood as arrived.  Fortunately it doesn’t get counted as a debt when applications are made for credit, particularly the most important application – for the mortgage.  Or for funding to renovate a special property.  Getting that first home is the biggest struggle.  It is so worth it when we move into our first home – be it new build or a small terraced starter home!