Individualy Designed Or Off The Peg

kitchen design ideas

Whn we buy a house tht has already been planned and designed by a large group developer there is very little room for negotation or change – they have their blue print and you buy what is already stipulated.  There are a couple of personal choices to be made as far as paint colours and sanitary ware etc.  These are simply cosmetic matters and do not alter the fundamental design or their costs.  When you have a house designed individually for your famiy though it is a different matter completely.  Every part of the property has you and your needs iincoporated in the plan.  The architect asks what you need size wise and takes into account the size and location of the plot.  The interior is design with the builder and usually these days, an inrerior designer involved in the critical aspects.  The kitchen and utiity area is one complete subject!   It is of great importance to ensure the best company is instructed to carry out these designs.   The cost is so enormous these days that each element has to be absolutely perfectly matched to the buyers needs and desires.