Is To Restore The Same As Renew Or Remodel

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The difference in the way we deal with properties is often not clear from the use of vocabulary.  There is a world of differnce between refurbishment / renovation and restoration / renewing something or somewhere.   A local heritage house has had a vast amount of lottery funding spent on it to stop it rotting in certain areas and to bring it up to condition good enough for visitors to be able to look around.  It was not refurbished in the sense that anything still useable was ripped out and replaced by modern equpment or fixtures.  In the construction of the basement’s final exhibit, the laundry area did have to be rebuilt but because the brickwork was in poor condition and the building would have remained unsafe.  Whilst doing this work, underfloor heating was installed to stop the inevitable rotting process from continuing to make inroads – so it was refurbished but without renovation  This means a lot in the world of showing how things used to be.