Leaf Picker Joy Inspires Love Of Gardening


I just love this mellow time of year.  Autumnal smells of woodland, that slightly damp air when you go for the daily walk around the fields.  In my middle youth I used to make a few bob a week from helpfully brushing up and collecting bag loads of fallen leaves off the front lawns of dear old aged pensioners.  My dad, rather ahead of his time I feel here, used to bring home extra strong dark green bags that were ideal for all sorts of garden storage issues.  I used them for the leaf collecting.  I took the lightweight wheelbarrow, the springy rake and gauntlets to protect my arms.  You’d be amazed just how grateful the older biddies around us were to get this most dreaded domestic task out of the way for a £1 or two.    I like two bungalows best – tucked away at the end of the village.  Each had a vast number of trees but the leaves were always well behaved and stayed put for for days.  It was pure relaxing joy!