Limited Renovation But Less is Always More

house buying

My house is not really in the age bracket considered ripe for renovation but it is now looking a bit shabby on the outside.  It’s twenty years old and there has been nothing done to the exterior, beyond having the garage door changed from a rickety and tempramental up and over for a sleek electric neo georgian one.  That door alone brought the rest of the property up a few notches and I wold recommend anyone with £2K to invest in one.  I had some interior construction work seventeen years ago – had the family bathroom and my ensuite ripped out and replaced with fantastic modern and ultra sleek stone tiling all round the walls and floors with superbright white sanitary wear.  My plumber turned all the units around to make for much easier access and exit from the showers.  I also had narrow depth wall and floor cabinets installed with work tops – these wash rooms look absolutely amazing and neighbours still gasp in admiration if they’re priviledged enough to view!