Local Builders Turning Dreams Into Home Style Reality

design renovation

There has been a great deal of activity in the property market in my neck of the woods of late.  Being positioned in the very most upmarket end of a midlands based town, the comfortable upper middle class nature of the town meant there was a very wide range of housing available and several areas of much nicer standards for those who ‘have’.   When some of my near neighbours have had any work done, they have procured the most well known of the local selection of designer tiles or wallpaper, lampshades etc.  There are a lots of small building contractors out there who are so busy with extensions and rebuilds that they’re turning some work down.  There is money out there and the holders of it are being very selective over how they improve and renovate their home or how they have that new extension styled.   Some of the up market home style magazines that adorn the shelves at the top peoples’ stores illustrate the latest trends and the local populace happily soak these ideas up and get their friendly builder chappie to translate those dreams into reality.