Local By Laws Dictate Home Construction Designs

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There is no other purchase in our lives more important or expensive than buying a property.  We tend to think of buying, mostly with a mortgage in this country, rather than renting, which they do so much in most other countries.  Owning our own plot and that brick and glass home is so vital to our feeling of belonging and well being.  The construction choices are very limited however.  Because of local by laws, the houses in any area have to conform with certain rules so they don’t stand out like sore thumbs.  Interior construction will not vary too much on an estate built by a major developer.  There are often also local considitons that dictate the use of certain materials and as most buildings are constructed by major developers, they will use the best value of brick, roof tile etc  means that almost every house on any area looks very like the one next door but they are going to be the safest, most fire retardent and best built properties available to the average family.  Even in the case of renovation, the stringent laws governing building make ours probably safer than anywhere else in the world.