Needing A Finger On The Property Pulse

house buying

Currently there are several houses in my immediate vicinity that are proudly exhibiting a newly installed Sold sign.  What is all the more remarkable is that these have not thus far shown any of the original for sale signs – assuming the agents don’t actually hold a long register of ready cash buyers for every house here that goes on the market.   There must be a premium to owning one of these houses though, there are always cards and flyers through the door that ask if we’re interested in selling as they have customers wanting to buy.

This constant change in house owners is balanced by an equally bouyant rental market.  So many properties are needed every year just to come a little way near to the number of people trying to rent or buy flats.  Good news for the home and property market sites.  They can reliably predict that house sales and rental yields are all maxing out totally.