New Builds Mirror The 1920s Affluence

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I’ve  had my eye on some new houses being built near one of the huge out of town retail parks.  I’m not sure I’d like to be quite that near to the thrills and spills of a shopper’s dream, but hey.  These properties are really big.  Definitely not the cheaper end of the market – the first time buyer would need a huge mortgage and massive deposit.  And of course, the stamp duty holiday is now over so that is quite an extra expense.  The houses themselves have been designed to mirror the surrounding ’20s and ’30s style of houses that were put up between the wars and reflect the affluent society of the time.  These new builds look stunning – similar georgian woode paned windows, porticoes arond the front door.  The only real difference is the newbies are three storey, are much closer together and have tiny plots – unlike the very geneously proportioned gardens of the older cousins.  And the driveways seem rather narrow – some thought should have gone into what sort of car today’s home owner will drive!