New Efficient Interior Renovation & Construction

home renovation

There are so many elements to refurbishing and renovation of a family home.  New modern  materials for interior construction are constantly coming to the market and it can be quite bewildering to the novice house owner.  I’m always fascinated by the projects put forward on the lifestyle programmes that feature houses either bought at auction – mostly in an appalling state of neglect and repair – hearing the new owner describe their plans and then seeing what they’ve achieved, it’s sometimes breathtaking.  Sometimes they’ve done as little as possible and simply covered up any grim bits with cheapest possible paint, curtains and carpets.  However the innovative buyer will have researched the construction industry and checked out the best possible materials and methods to introduce a modicum of energy saving into the project.  New windows with less heat loss, bringing more light into the home and effecient patio door systems to use less space.  Modern materials to avoid the need for expansion of the existing heating system – it’s an exciting time to be a property developer and renovator nowadays.