New Generation Home Buyers Reflect Bouyancy In The Property Market

home buying

There are times when property markets can be classed as dull or slow.  This is when property isn’t moving very fast, buyers with money or mortgage in place are in very  short supply.  But happlily, this has not been the case for several years and the property market in most areas is very bouyant, in fact, racing is more accurate.

It’s always a sign of good times when a familiar neighbourhood suddenly dsplays a crop of ‘House Sold’ signs when there haven’t been any ‘House For Sale’ signs up first.  This is because buyers are desperate to get hold of the large detached 4 or 5 bedroom houses built between the 1990s and early 2000s in edge of town developments.  These are very spacious and well appointed with double garages and large driveways and demand means they are selling at the asking price or sometimes above it – often on the day the agent accepts the instruction.  New build houses are much smaller with more planning constraints.