Nuggets Of Useful New Build Knowledge

home insulation

When we moved into this house nearly twenty years ago, it was brand new and we’d had to wait for the developers to finish this phase of 4 houses.  We were rookies at the ‘buying new’ game and thoroughly enjoyed the process.  Each stage was exciting, from the surprise visit to the sales office and show house right the way through to completion and moving in.  We were able to choose our cabinet fronts, work tops, sanitary designs, carpets, flooring etc. many many thrilling experiences came our way.  However, we did not know some of the tricks we could have employed – two of the most useful would have been asking the builders to board the loft to make it more useable from the off, and also, having a very useful loft ladder attached to the down hatch so we could get up there!  We cound out from our neighbour – an ex hotelier who absorbed information like a sponge, that he’d done just that.  How I wish he’d shared that nugget!