Property Needs To Be In Tip Top Condition

design renovation

Home sales are definitely on the increase around this area.  The number of houses available is huge as there are brand new developments coming on stream all the time. This doesn’t seem to affect the existing stock.  In fact I believe there is stilll a shortage of houses for sale at every level.  I fnd this amazing and wonder where all the buyers are coming from.  There was a drop in the birth rate at the end of the 1980s and 1990s which has continued.  There cannot be that many folk coming out of university and able to buy a property.

However, property needs to be in tip top condition to be available for the sales or rental markets.  Everything must be made safe and clean.  The latest decor is not essential as apparently, the new buyers like to put their own stamp on a place.  Just make sure it’s well presented.