Time To Declutter & Enjoy A Fresh Space

design renovation

There is a truly wonderful thing about December arriving – knowing that the summer is definitely somewhere to be worked towards and looked forward to.  So for the time being all we have to do is know what we are supposed to be doing in the months leading up to the holidays.  The point of the travelling away from home is to experience other sights, smells, cultures.  Bringing back ideas found in village homes abroad can be inspiring.  It obviously reminds us of the fantastic time we had on that trip, but it also reminds us to open our eyes and see a different way to decorate or furnish our own abode back home.    When homes seem small and all the space taken up with junk, taking stock of places we’ve seen abroad can broaden our imagination and enable us to clear the junk, declutter completely, handing unloved and unwanteds to charity shops and then live in the space!