To Do Up To Sell Or Not – That Is The Dilemma

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Keeping an eye on the property market has always been an interest for a nosy person like me.  It’s always a draw when you see a for sale sign erected outside a nearby house, even more interesting if there ar hoards of families trouping round to view.  In fact, with houses in this area only just starting to come on to the housing market, the shortage of these lovely spacious places means they are sold before the ad even gets in the window.  A neighbour has always made sure she is very up to date with house values and sales figures round here.  She likes to ensure her property is kept well within the upper regions of the latest estimates.

To get the very best price for mine, I would have to update much of the fixtures and fittings to attract a family.  This would cost me a lot and I might not recoup that in the final sales figure.