Developments To Update In Style & Road Name


I was trying to reach the house where my podiatrist works – it’s on a housing estate; one that has been gradually extended to take in a large field, creating several small cul de sacs.  The naming of these housing enclaves must have caused a flutter of amusement at the time.  Knowing that developers are usually involved in submitting two or three names for each on.  This particular estate has Poppy Rise, Daffodil Crescent etc. etc.  It sounded all right at the time, but somehow I can’t take too seriously a chap who says he lives at no. 3 Buttercup drive!   The houses themselves are very attractive – for the most part, but one or two reflect that they were all originally built in the late 1980s and so are 30 years old now.  Getting the tired old soffits and facias changed with the old fashioned metal frames  is a good start and making the kitchen ore spaciously fit for purpose!