Virus Halting Housing Acitivity

house buying

There had been quite a boom in the construction and housing market over the last five years or so.  The country was beginning to get on its feet quite substantially and the need for more housing brought forward help to buy schemes from the government.   But this suddenly and dramatically stalled when the virus pandemic hit the UK shores and affected every aspect of the property industry.   Due to having to be socially distanced and the complete lockdown – meaning no construction taking place for many weeks, the delay to all transaction has had a massive impact.  The lockdown restrictions were prompted mainly by the practicalities of things like construction workers failing to practice adequate distancing and home viewings, house removals – all involving face to face interactions could interfere with efforts nationally to stop the spread of the virus.    The government has insisted there was no need to pull out of transactions by to ensure everyone involved follows the guidance to stay home and not mingle with anyone not from our own household.    The situation is needing clarification.