Warmth, Comfort, Style & Safety Are Design Criteria

design renovation

The way our homes are constructed has changed dramatically over the years – in fact the earliest of mankind huddled together in caves and under trees.  No one would have thought back then, thousands of years, that they’d ever be living in such comfort as we do now.  The differences in the last century have also been been pretty dramatic and it can take us by surprise when we remember that our great grandparents would not know the luxury of constantly warm and safe rooms with windows that open and shut properly and walls that are built to take cavity insulation between the layers.   The need for having houses built to the best possible standard of interior construction is highlighted every time we see news reports of disasters in Asian countries, where health an safety is totally ignored.   We need to employ the architects an building companies with the best experience and professional intgrity to carry out any building work – it does cost a mint more but of course, build well once and not have to worry about safety or comfort.