Where Builders Buy Property – You Know It’s Quality

home renovation

There has never been as much building and refurbishment work carried out in this area since we moved in some years ago.  It was a top end development of executive style 4 and 5 bedroomed detached, and assumed we would find satisfaction in every aspect of our chosen property.  Our family home has always felt spacious and perfectly adequate.  The interior contruction has been quite satisfactory and apart from a reasonable list of matters to be addressed at the original post purchase snagging visit, the developers have not had to call back at all. The only renovation has been update of my bathrooms and ensuite – for purely aesthetic pleasure more than for specific need.  The houses have been built well – in terms of modern techniques.  I don’t expect this estate to still be here after 500 years but it will see my family right for another couple of hundred, that’s for sure.  You know you’ve bought a good’n when you discover several builders of good name themselves having moved here.  What better recommendation!