Winter Woe Flat Shares Fondly Remembered

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Where I live in my lovely comfortable family home, I am constantly grateful for the space, the warmth and convenience of having a home constructed to the latest building methods available in the early 2000s!  So long ago my first rented home was an attic flat in a rather run down victorian semi detached villa – the landlord lived on the ground floor and let rooms in the 3 floors above.  The place was draughty and jolly cold in winter as the single glazed window now longer fitted in the frame and the house stood on a very windy corner!  However, I did have the benefit of other folk heating their rooms below my kitchenette and what passed for a bathroom.  I used to sit on the floor to feel some warmth.  I was very happy there nontheless – the rest of the tenants were interesting and sometimes I long for the camaraderie of sharing a freezing cold house of multiple occupation!